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According to the tropical medical bureau, all travelers are recommended to have Tetanus, Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Hepatitis B and Rabies are suggested if you plan to do any remote trekking.


Please note if you are travelling from a Yellow Fever area that you will need to travel with your yellow fever certificate.

For travelers hailing from the UK, please look at the below website:



Tourist visas for Sri Lanka can be applied for and paid for online. You must have the printed confirmation ready for when you go through immigration in Colombo.

Applications can be made via the following link:


Getting There

With several daily flights from Doha and Dubai where ever you are coming from will not be too difficult. If you are coming from the UK there is only one direct flight a day that is operated by Sri Lankan Airways. Once you arrive in Colombo our driver will be there to greet you with an ON Houses sign and transport you the 3 hours by road to your villa.

Air Conditioning

Each bedroom is equipped with air conditioning. This will be turned on by the Room Attendant during turndown service. There is a remote control in each bedroom so please adjust the temperature to your own liking. We kindly ask that windows and doors are closed when air conditioning is in use.

Bathroom Amenities

Our red tea and cinnamon shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion come from local skin and body care specialist, Ophir (ophirco.com). Ophir’s tea-based range of products is 100% natural and draws on Sri Lanka’s wealth of herbs, botanical extracts, essential oils and essences. Rich in skin-healing zinc and antioxidants, red tea helps to soothe the skin and scalp while the locally grown cinnamon nourishes, heals and repairs.


Please find telephone numbers for both your house Butler and the General Managers on the front page of this guest book. Mobile phone reception can be a quite limited around here, but all villas have WiFi, so we recommend WhatsApp as a good way to contact the General Managers. One member of house staff will always stay overnight in the staff house, so a staff will be available 24 hours a day.


All plug sockets in your house are international, so there should be no need for adaptors. The houses run on mains electricity but being in rural Sri Lanka power cuts can occur. Each house has a backup diesel generator, which will automatically kick in within a few minutes of the power cutting out.

Insects & Mosquitos

Being a tropical climate, we do have mosquitos and other insects. We burn mosquito coils at meal times, have plug-in mosquito repellents and mosquito nets in all bedrooms, but please use spray as an additional deterrent. They are attracted to light, so in the evening please keep doors and windows closed when lights are on.


A laundry service is complimentary here at On Houses. Please leave any laundry in the laundry basket provided in your bathroom in the morning. Please do not put dry clean only items in the laundry. We do our best to ensure all laundry items are returned within 24 hours.

Meal Times

Meal times are totally flexible here and can be arranged to fit your schedule. However, unless specified otherwise we usually serve: breakfast – when requested, lunch – 1.00pm, afternoon tea – 4.00pm, bitings – 6.00pm, dinner – 7.30pm.

Medical Assistance

If you require medical assistance, please contact your Butler or the General Managers immediately. First Aid kits are available in your house.

Pharmacies can be found nearby in Weligama or Ahangama and private hospitals are located in Galle and Matara. Please contact your Butler or the General Managers if you need anything.


The local currency in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan Rupee – Rs. or LKR. Please note that this is a closed currency, so you will not be able to change Rupees back into another currency. There are exchange offices in Weligama, Ahangama and Galle, please remember your passport when changing money. ATM machines are widely available also.

Poya Days

As Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country there is an official religious holiday each month, which takes place on the full moon. Please note that no alcohol is sold on Poya Days in shops, bars or restaurants. Banks and some shops will be closed, and public transport can be especially busy.

Safety Deposit Box

You will find one safety deposit box in your villa. This is located in the master bedroom. Your Butler will be happy to show you how it works.


In your house you have four dedicated staff. As head of the household, your Butler is your primary contact and will be happy to help you in any way. Assisting the Butler in house duties is your Room Attendant. In the kitchen your private chef will be cooking for you aided by a Kitchen Assistant. You may also see our Pool Attendant, who will clean your pool daily, and the maintenance team around the house.

Tap Water

Please note the tap water in Sri Lanka is not drinking water. It will do you no harm for brushing your teeth, but please only drink bottled water. The jugs of water served at meal times, water bottles in your bedroom at turndown and all our ice is bottled water.